Stadium Series: Ranking the four new jerseys revealed

The new Stadium Series jerseys have been revealed by the NHL.
New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals
New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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2. New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are coming in second. It looked a bit odd at first but when you look at it more and think about what they are going for, it makes perfect sense.

It is meant to be a hockey jersey at a football stadium and that is exactly what it is. The numbers and logo are huge so you can see it from the seats.

Some people wanted inverted colors but the Devils are mostly a red team and that is just the reality of it.

The NJ logo without the circle has grown in popularity lately and it is being featured on this sweater. All of the nameplates, numbers, and stripes are black on the red jersey, and it is a perfect look for them.

They went away from the green secondary color for a special event and that is a nice change of pace. This Devils organization has really started to branch out after years of being plain.