This Connor Bedard update will warm up the day for Chicago Blackhawks fans

Chicago Blackhawks star Connor Bedard hit the ice for the first time since his injury.
Chicago Blackhawks v New Jersey Devils
Chicago Blackhawks v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

It is very cold across the Chicagoland area on Monday. We are talking negative degree temperatures making it very tough to be outside. However, we have some news that may warm the lives of everyone.

Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard skated for the first time since his jaw surgery. It was by himself after practice was over but it is the start of his return.

Bedard was wearing a face cage which might be something he has to wear in games for a while when he returns soon. It isn't ideal but it is better than not being out there at all.

This is the team's best player by far. He is 18 years old and already showing signs of being a superstar. It hasn't been easy to watch the Hawks since he was removed from the lineup.

Connor Bedard is already back on the ice following his jaw surgery

In 39 games played, Bedard has 15 goals and 18 assists for 33 points. He is a goal-scoring machine and he is now starting to show more of his ability to create plays.

The Hawks have an elite goal scorer who is also an incredible playmaker on their hands. He will be known as one of the best players in hockey in short order.

Outside of his ability, his obsession with being a good hockey player is what helps separate him from his peers. He is already on the ice following jaw surgery as a teenager. A lot of players wouldn't return to the ice until they are healed but you know he is itching to get out there again.

Don't be surprised if Bedard is back in the lineup sooner rather than later. He is a warrior that wants to play as often as he can. If this were the playoffs, you can bet he would have missed no time at all.

Bedard is a superstar but he also is a winner. That mentality is going to help this Chicago team complete their rebuild. Being back on the ice one week after his surgery tells you what you need to know about him. The hope is that his teammates have a similar attitude in the future.

Hopefully, these winning thoughts (and this Connor Bedard news that came out on Monday) make today just a bit warmer for people around town trying to navigate the cold weather.

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