This incredible college hockey matchup will own the weekend

There is a truly incredible college hockey matchup this weekend.
Boston University v Merrimack
Boston University v Merrimack / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

College hockey is as good as it's ever been. Tons of great players play for the teams across the country.

Some big-time matchups will take place this weekend. Michigan State is going to take on Minnesota. North Dakota is going to take on Denver. Wisconsin is going to take on Michigan. Quinnipiac will be playing Yale. Cornell will go against Harvard. All of these are fantastic.

But none of them will compare to the weekend that will take place between Boston College and Boston University. These two incredible rivals will be facing off as the #1 and #2 teams for the first time in history.

There is a long-standing rivalry between the two hockey teams and it has never failed to be incredibly entertaining. They will play in the Beanpot Semifinal later this season but this home and home will come first.

The Battle of Comm Ave will take place this weekend in Boston

Both of these teams have high-end NHL talent. Boston University is led by really good players like Macklin Celebrini and Lane Hutson.

Celebrini will be the number one pick in the 2024 NHL Draft. He doesn't have the hype of Connor Bedard or Connor McDavid but he does project to be a star player in the NHL.

Hutson was already drafted by the Montreal Canadiens and his development has been amazing. He could end up being one of the best offensive defensemen in the NHL.

As for Boston College, they have four guys worth mentioning right off the bat. For one, Cutter Gauthier is on their team. He was just traded in the NHL as he didn't want to play for the Philadelphia Flyers when he was ready to turn pro. Philly got Jamie Drysdale out of it from the Anaheim Ducks.

BC also has this crazy forward line that features Gabe Perreault (New York Rangers), Will Smith (San Jose Sharks), and Ryan Leonard (Washington Capitals). All of them were drafted in the 2023 first round and they have the most insane chemistry in the nation.

All of this talent hitting the ice in the same game is going to be must-see TV. It is one thing for them to play once at TD Garden in the Beanpot, it is another for them to host one another on a normal college weekend.

"The Battle of Comm Ave" taking place this weekend will showcase how great college hockey is and put Boston at the center of it. It should be considered must-see hockey viewing at this point.

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