3 trades that must happen in the NHL offseason but won’t

There are a few players who should be traded in the 2024 NHL offseason, but there is little, if any, likelihood that they will leave their current teams.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Pittsburgh Penguins
Columbus Blue Jackets v Pittsburgh Penguins / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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The NHL offseason is fast approaching for teams that have already been eliminated from contention or will likely find themselves out of the running at some point over the next week or so. These teams will have a high-end player or two who they can move this summer and either obtain some much-needed compensation or give them a fresh start elsewhere. 

But there is a good chance none of them will be traded for a multitude of reasons. In this slideshow, you will meet three players whose teams should trade them elsewhere to either finish or continue their respective careers. 

As always, expect player movement galore when July 2024 rolls around that should include names like goaltender Jacob Markstrom, forward Frank Vatrano, and defenseman David Savard, to name a few. We will also see plenty of surprise trades, as they occur in nearly every offseason, and even youngsters moving from one organization to the next when their respective organizations opt not to re-sign them.

A few players should be traded in the 2024 NHL offseason won’t be

The free agent frenzy in July will bring even more player movement, and it’s always fun to see who ends up where and how they will help their new team. Some previous “rentals” from this season’s trade deadline will be ones to watch, especially if they end up with another surefire contender. Anyway, let’s get back to the initial discussion: Who should get traded, but won’t? 

One player listed is almost guaranteed to remain with his current organization, despite the influx of talent moving him elsewhere will bring. The next player has, while enjoying a productive stint with both respective franchises he’s played for, yet to see his team win consistently. The third player needs a change of scenery, but there is little to no likelihood he will get one.