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With the Stanley Cup Final starting on Wednesday night, we at Too Many Men on the Site thought it would be nice to get some opinions from some of the writers on who they think will win, and why.

Without further adieu, here are our picks.

Ansel Halle, Staff Writer

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Western Conference supremacy was the story of the regular season this year in the hockey world. In fact, four of the top five teams in the league were from the Western Conference, though the Boston Bruins did edge out the Anaheim Ducks by one point to win the Presidents Trophy. In my opinion, the West has also been the dominant conference throughout these playoffs.

I’ve watched games in every single series played thus far, both East and West, and it seems like the Western Conference games were always more intense, more physical, and more enjoyable to watch. I’m not exactly pulling all of this out of thin air either, as there isn’t a single player from the Eastern Conference in the top 10 in postseason scoring.

More from Los Angeles Kings

The L.A. Kings have had to play against better teams than the Rangers have throughout the regular season and playoffs, and I don’t believe New York will be ready for the intensity of the Kings. Another point I’d like to make is that the Rangers have played against some fairly soft goalies in the three rounds they’ve played so far.

In round 1, they were up against Ray Emery, who has always been a playoff flop, and he wasn’t anything special this year. Round 2 held the hardest challenge for New York when they faced Marc Andre Fleury. Fleury played well in the 2nd half of the series, but he wasn’t up to snuff with the goalies that L.A. has faced. The Eastern Conference Finals would’ve held a greater challenge if Carey Price hadn’t been injured early in the series.

After that the Rangers had to face a determined but unexperienced goaltender in Dustin Tokarski, and the win came much easier than it should have, had Price been playing. I predict that the Kings will win the Stanley Cup in no more than six games.

Cindy Crawford, Staff Writer

The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings have summed up this year’s Stanley Cup Final into a classic East Coast style vs. West Coast style of hockey. The East Coast is a seemingly rougher, tougher and what I consider an old fashioned style. The Kings have made it through the Western Conference by being fast and tireless while struggling in the net.

The question is, will speed and endurance outlast roughness and strong defensive tactics. I have to say, I’m cheering for the old fashioned “Original Six” style of the Rangers but my prediction is that speed will prevail and so will the Kings in six.