Johnny Gaudreau Claims “Johnny Hockey” Moniker


Jan 2, 2015; Calgary, Alberta, CAN; Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau (13) controls the puck against against the New York Islanders during the second period at Scotiabank Saddledome. New York Islanders won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

TThe Calgary Flames’ rookie left winger Johnny Gaudreau filed a trademark in both the US and Canada for the phrase “Johnny Hockey”.  But is the nickname even earned?

I can’t fault someone for wanting to make more money, that’s why we go to work and put out the best effort we can. We want a raise, I.E. more money. Johnny Gaudreau is a rookie with the Calgary Flames and he has no gaurantee of future contracts. Anything could happend to end his career, so trying to get as much money now as possible is a sound financial decision. I can, however, fault someone, and specifically Gaudreau, for having an ego.

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Johnny Hockey or Johnny Comelately?

Johnny Gaudreau, of course, is not the first person to use the nickname “Johnny [insert sport here]” as that belongs to Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel. Maziel, indcidentally, also filed for a trademark for “Johnny Cleveland” in September 2014. Gaudreau filing for “Johnny Hockey” is not unprecidented, but is Maziel someone you really want to imitate?

Gaudreau earned the moniker of “Johnny Hockey” while playing at Boston College, so it’s not like he gave it to himself. He earned it through great play which has continued into his NHL career. The problem I have with the name and especially the trademarking of said name is how incredibly egotistical it is. He didn’t even coin the term. Whoever first used the name to refer to him should get the trademark.

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  • "We were concerned that people were going to abuse the Johnny Hockey name, coming out with Johnny Hockey shirts and stuff and we wanted to make sure that did not occur. We felt that Johnny was going to be a special player and if he takes off the way we felt he could, he has the potential to have endorsement opportunities that could be very valuable,” Gaudreau’s agent Lewis Gross told TSN"

    Just to be clear, I understand that the trademark is to make money off of the name, but the name suggests that the player has transcended the sport. Johnny Maziel didn’t in college (though he was very, very good) and hasn’t in the NFL. He may never. Gaudreau is having a very good rookie season, but he has done absolutely nothing in the NHL to earn the name.

    Gordie Howe earned the nickname Mr. Hockey being one of the greatest player of his generation and arguably of all time. Howe was an ambassador to the sport who help increase the popularity of hockey throughout the US. He even has a special kind of hatrick named after him (Gordie Howe Hat Trick; a goal, an assist and a fight all in one game). Mr. Hockey is trademarked, but it was earned.

    Johnny Manziel and Johnny Gaudreau are both young guys who have not accomplished anything yet, but seem to think they deserved the distinction of having transcended the sport. In fact, right now Gaudrea isn’t even the best John or Johnny playing. That would be John Tavares of the New York Islanders. “Johnny Hockey” is an unearned moniker and the fact that he is trademarking it is ridiculous because, outside of a good college career, he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. It comes across as if he encompasses the entire sport and I think there are hundreds of other NHL players who beg to differ.

    Coming soon: Johnny Flame, Johnny Calgary, Johnny Canada, Johnny North America, Johnny Earth, etc ad nauseum.