March NHL Meeting: Goalies, 3-On-3 Topics of Discussion


Mar 3, 2015; Sunrise, FL, USA; Florida Panthers trainer David Zenobi attends to injured goalie

Roberto Luongo

as referee Justin St. Pierre looks on in the first period at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When the GM’s convene in Boca Raton, FL on Monday for the annual March NHL Meeting, the topics will include video review of goalie interference, emergency goalies, and 3-on-3 overtime play

Every March, GMs across the NHL meet in Florida to discuss issues that need to be addressed in the NHL. The three issues they have on tap to discuss, video review of goalie interference, emergency goalies, and 3-on-3 overtime, are all issues that should be discussed.

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NHL Meeting Topics

Of those three topics I feel that emergency goaltenders is really the least important. Sure, the Florida Panthers recently had an issue with both dressed goalies (Roberto Luongo and Al Montoya) suffering injuries in the same game that resulted in goalie coach Robb Tallas suiting up. Tallas is 41 years old and hasn’t played in NHL since 2001.

The main reason that this is the least important issue is that the scenario the Panthers faced is a rarity in the NHL. Of the 1900+ games played in the NHL this season, this first time this type of situation has occurred. However, Roberto Luongo (having been seen in street clothes previously) returned to the game, apparently made of tougher stuff than average bear, and finished it out.

“The league has to come up with some kind of a plan so that it can be as equal as possible,” Poile said. “It’s a needle in a haystack situation but every once in a while you’re going to have it. We have to talk this out to see what the right thing is to do here.” –David Poile, Nashville Predators GM, on the effect the Panther’s situation has had on the league moving forward

The March NHL meeting is also going to talk about the possibility of video review of goalie interference calls, either by the refs on the ice or by the bigwigs in Toronto. Rule 69 breaks down what goalie interference is, but it also leaves some gray area. The biggest issue with goalie interference, however, is that it currently isn’t reviewable. Hopefully the GMs can come to an agreement and make the right call allowing goalie interference to be reviewed. 

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  • In my opinion the biggest topic at the March NHL meeting is the possibility of 3-on-3 in overtime. I have written about this before (and how the NHL Players’ Association may be opposed) and my opinion hasn’t changed. The 3-on-3 overtime is going to make overtime even better.

    Under the current rules, if a game is still tied after a 5 minute overtime, then the game goes to a shootout. Whatever team has the most “goals” after three rounds wins, or, if still tied after those three rounds it becomes sudden death. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it happens way to often.

    The shootout is similar to ending a Major League baseball game in home run derby if game is tied after the 10th inning. Or a free throw contest in the NBA or even a field goal contest from the 35 yard line in the NFL. Think any one of those scenarios would work in the those sports?

    The AHL has already demonstrated that the 3-on-3 is successful in drastically reducing the number of shootouts. I think this would be a much better way to end an NHL game than a skills competition. Let’s hope that the GMs can make the right choice.

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