NHL Overtime Team Rankings: Cup Finalists Both Elite

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Jun 18, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; CChicago Blackhawks right wing Marian Hossa (81) kisses the Stanley Cup during the 2015 Stanley Cup championship rally at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks are set to take advantage of the new NHL overtime format next season.  With the weapons they have in Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith few teams will be as talented in overtime as the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

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There are other teams that will give the Blackhawks a major challenge once extra time starts.  Who are the teams to fear in under the new NHL overtime rules?  Which teams have potential to grow into greater success?  Which teams will struggle under the new rules?

When I ranked the league I did so using a standard lineup of two forwards, one defenseman and included the goaltender in the rankings.  While the top teams stood out, as did the bottom two, most of the league seems pretty even under the new NHL overtime rules.

Some teams have good forwards but lack in other areas.  Other teams boast top goaltending but have questions on defense or up front.  It’s a very subjective list and I’m ready for your hate mail.  Some people will value different players higher or different positions higher.

I didn’t place as much premium on the goaltending in most cases, though there were a few exceptions.  The new NHL overtime format will need sound positioning, endurance and speed to burn.  The faster you can turn defense into offense, the more extra points your favorite team will earn.

The Chicago Blackhawks are in the hunt with a group of teams for the top spot.  With major changes in free agency and trades at the NHL Draft there is plenty of competition and more not knowing what to expect when the puck finally drops.  With that in mind, here are my thoughts on each team and where they stand with the new NHL overtime rules:

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