Trade or Not to Trade: Colorado Avalanche Gabriel Landeskog

To Trade or Not to Trade: The Colorado Avalanche Are Looking to Boost Their Team. The Team is Placing Captain Gabriel Landeskog on the Trade Block in an Attempt to Make a Worth Trade. Should the Team Risk Landeskog for a Hopeful Return?

The Colorado Avalanche are looking to give their team a boost in face of the struggles they’ve had this season. Colorado has recently put most of their team up for grabs and has openly admitted to the possibility of dealing team captain Gabriel Landeskog before the deadline.

Landeskog currently has 18 points (nine G, nine A) in 39 games so far this season. The captain is also posting a save percentage of 48.3% so far. Though the 24-year-old has been a prized member of the Avalanche organization, Colorado is willing to do whatever necessary to improve their team.

Colorado seems pretty determined to improve their team and is actively shopping their young captain. Should the Avalanche actively shop and trade Landeskog or should the team take things slower and keep their captain?

To Trade

Colorado is in the bottom of the Central Division and the Western Conference. The team definitely has work to do if they want to get their team on the right track. In an effort to the boost their team, Colorado might find luck in turning to trading Landeskog to a team desperate for a top forward.

Colorado is mostly in search of a top d-man to improve their roster, most likely paired with some draft picks. This isn’t too high an asking price for a player of Landeskog’s caliber.

Sure, grabbing a top d-man and perhaps some draft picks won’t make a difference for the team this season, it will jumpstart Colorado’s inevitable rebuild.

Colorado could turn to the likes of the LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks or Boston Bruins as potential trade partners. These are teams that have basically already expressed interest in Landeskog and have some d-men they’re willing to part with in order to grab the young star.

The Kings have expressed a great deal of interest in grabbing Landeskog and their strong defense could be a persuading chip for Colorado. Anaheim was previously rumored to be willing to deal Cam Fowler, which could be a potential bargaining chip.

These two teams have a lot of potential to make a deal for the forward and are willing to do so in order to boost their likely playoff performances. Colorado will be able to benefit from a team’s eagerness to improve their Cup chances.

Not to Trade

An argument for the Avs to keep Landeskog on the roster exists too, especially for the rest of the season. Landeskog has some impressive stats in his career: 109 G and 155 A in 395 career games.

Landeskog is just 24 years old and is still headed into his prime. Therefore losing the forward before he gets to fully come into himself might be hasty. Sure, the Avs want to jump start their rebuild, but they aren’t going anywhere this season, so, why rush?

The Avs would have a lot of opportunities to trade the forward, if necessary, in the offseason. Colorado might not close the deal in time to grab any draft picks they want or have the opportunity to take advantage of desperate-to-improve teams, but they will have the opportunity.

Plus, with the possibility of moving Matt Duchene, Colorado might decide they want to hold onto Landeskog. Unless the Avalanche are willing to risk losing both forwards in hopes of a worthy exchange, it might be best to take their time to evaluate who stays and who goes.

It wouldn’t be worth it for the Avalanche to make a hasty decision, especially as the trade deadline draws near.

Trade Deadline Approaching

The trade deadline is approaching very quickly. Colorado will need to make a move very soon if they plan to strike a good deal for Landeskog.

While it would be beneficial to take advantage of teams willing to make quick moves to improve their playoff run and grab some more picks before the 2017 Entry Draft, it might not be worth a hasty decision.

Landeskog is a very skilled player with a lot of potential ahead of him. It isn’t an unknown fact that many NHL teams would have interest in the forward, therefore making it very likely that the Avs will find a worthy trade partner.

But, why rush if it isn’t necessary? Any team interested in adding Landeskog to the roster now will still be interested in the offseason, though there will be less pressure.

It all depends on what plan Colorado has in mind. Is it better to risk the player to improve the inevitable rebuild or to take the time to avoid a hasty decision and determine whether or not the player fits the rebuild?

Colorado will make a decision soon as the trade deadline gets closer. Whether or not it will be the right one depends on the return and on time.