NHL: The Best Player at Every Jersey Number, #31-40

Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Graig Abel Collection/Getty Images)
Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Graig Abel Collection/Getty Images) /
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For jersey numbers #31-40, we look at a good mix of different players. Arguably the top three goaltenders in NHL history, along with role players who were the best at their specific roles make this list.

Success comes in different ways, and what your definition of success means so there is no real answer.

Center Wayne Gretzky had success and so did defenseman Scott Stevens. They had very different paths, different offensive production, and different styles of play, but both won Stanley Cups.

Multiple players featured in this article did not win the Stanley Cup or even any awards but they were successful because they did their jobs well.

These are the best players that have worn jersey numbers 31-40 in the NHL.

On the other hand, there are some goaltenders listed that are surely up for debate in the greatest of all-time discussions. People have their criteria on how players should be evaluated and they are not wrong.

Hockey players are judged by many people in many different ways. The game of hockey, and the players involved, should be discussed in a good debate. Who is the best goaltender of all time to you?

A key similarity among the players in this group is longevity. Regardless of the teams they played for, they put in the work night after night and got the job done. Teams need players exactly like this, and that is why they played so long.

They do not need championships or awards for their hard work, the only reward is they get another shift on the ice.

Persistence is another trait of this group. Never giving up and never taking a shift off helped lead them to their place on this list. Some of these players are not in the Hall of Fame but, to their teams, played Hall of Fame roles.

Hard work and attention to detail go a long way in the game of hockey and go a long way in determining how successful a player may be.

Here are the best players in NHL history to wear numbers 31-40.