Coors Light To Brew Beer Using Melted Colorado Avalanche Ice

As soon as the Stanley Cup goes into the champion’s locker room, it’s immediately sprayed and filled with a variety of adult beverages. When the Colorado Avalanche claimed victory on Sunday, the case was no different. Very fitting considering the original Stanley Cup was a punch bowl.

The Avalanche come from a city with close ties to the brewing industry. Denver, Colorado is famously home to the Coors brewery. Coors Light is the official beer for the NHL. It’s a match made in “Mile High” hockey heaven!

But why stop at regular old Coors Light? The innovative folks at Coors decided “let’s add a special ingredient to this beer!” That special ingredient is none other than melted ice the Avalanche played on during their run to the franchise’s third Stanley Cup.

Coors Light is brewing a beer with Colorado Avalanche ice.

Beer and hockey seem to go together better than Gary Bettman and being booed (even if our gracious commissioner couldn’t make the trip down to Tampa this season for his annual tradition).

Seeing beer brands go collaborate with hockey teams is nothing new. A few seasons ago, Bud Light made special edition “Gloria” bottles commemorating the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup run and their unique song choice.

Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, is associated with St. Louis much the same way Coors Light is associated with Denver.

Bud Light even made use of some melted Enterprise Center ice as well. They used it only to keep the beer cool in local bars. Coors Light decided to take it a step further and make it an ingredient.

Coors insists the shaved iced is sanitary and it sounds like this new concoction is normally Coors Light with just a hint of Ball Arena ice with no other recipe changes.

Turns out the Avalanche aren’t the first to try this. The Tampa Bay Lightning did the same thing last year after winning their second straight Stanley Cup. Of course, Tampa Bay isn’t as associated with Coors Light as Denver is. The Avalanche stole the Cup from Tampa and then it stole their cool beer idea.

Imagine what Molson would have done if the Montreal Canadiens were victorious last year. We’re almost afraid to ask. Add that to the fact the Molson family actually owns the Canadiens. The Molson family no longer owns the brewery, which is now merged with Coors Light.

We guess that makes them corporate siblings, and Molson must be sad they get to see their brother Coors Light get to play with the Cup all summer. It’s okay Molson, you guys are probably getting Shane Wright.

The beer is available on tap in “very limited quantities” in bars along the Avalanche’s Stanley Cup parade route. Speaking of the Stanley Cup, he and his newly dented self took a little detour on the way to the parade.

The keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard, accidentally delivered the Cup to a neighbor of Gabriel Landeskog, who got to hang out with the Cup and snap a few pictures, before Pritchard delivered it to the captain.

Thankfully the couple didn’t dent the cup further. They were more careful than Nicolas Aube-Kubel!

Avalanche players have already received commemorative cans of the “Coors Light Champions Ice.” Fans in Colorado seem all-in on the idea and excited to try it. Let us know if it tastes any different.