AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals Wear “Canadian Tuxedo” Jerseys For “Canadian Night”

Left wing Tim Schaller skates during a scrimmage at Milwaukee Admirals practice Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Admirals
Left wing Tim Schaller skates during a scrimmage at Milwaukee Admirals practice Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Admirals /

While all hockey fans’ eyes this past weekend were on the NHL Stadium Series, where the Carolina Hurricanes convincingly beat the Washington Capitals, one AHL team decided to have a little fun with their jerseys.

Minor league hockey teams love giving us special styles to keep the AHL fun and promotional. This time, they turned toward an enduring fashion tradition from north of the border.

The Milwaukee Admirals, who are the AHL affiliate of the Nashville Predators, donned special “Canadian Tuxedo” uniforms for their February 18th matchup against the Texas Stars.

For those who don’t know what a “Canadian Tuxedo” is, Oxford language defines it as “a denim jacket worn with a pair of jeans.” So basically the Admirals were wearing jerseys that looked like jean jackets that were left open to reveal a white Milwaukee Admirals jersey underneath.

Even the player number on the jersey sleeves was made to look like white stitching on denim.

I can’t tell if the Admirals wore special hockey pants to complete the look. It does look like they wore special “denim-looking” hockey socks to keep the theme going. Just when you thought it was over, look at the goalie pads.

Is that denim stitching at the top? Defenseman Keaton Thompson even showed up to the rink in an actual full Canadian Tuxedo. The jerseys were later auctioned off, according to the Admirals on Twitter.

Denim on denim is a look the AHL Milwaukee Admirals pulled off well.

This jersey specifically works for Milwaukee. I don’t know if people in Wisconsin have an affinity for denim (I do know they have an affinity for cheese heads), but the Milwaukee Admirals main color scheme is navy blue.

Newer versions of the jersey feature baby blue sleeves and accents, but the dark navy color scheme is remarkably similar to the denim blue color used in the “Canadian Tuxedo” jerseys.

That made these special jerseys look similar to Milwaukee’s normal threads, but with a fun twist, as opposed to a complete departure from their normal look.

Milwaukee wore the jerseys to pull off a cowboy feel for their game against Texas. Kind of ironic that they’d associate a seemingly Canadian fashion staple with a team from America’s lone star state. Then again this look might work well for the Dallas Stars if they were ever interested.

The lime green coloring wouldn’t work as well with this, unfortunately.

Actually, that February 18th game was a mix of multiple promotions for the Admirals. First was a promotion lovingly called “Canada Night”, ketchup chip-eating competition and all.

Second was a promotion called “Salute to Shoresy”. “Shoresy” is a Hulu miniseries that’s a hockey-centric spinoff of the Canadian hit show “Letter Kenny”. According to the Admirals Instagram, two actors from the series even showed up for “Shoresy” night. Yes, they even donned the special jerseys.

The Admirals aren’t the first hockey team to don the Canadian tuxedos. During last year’s Stadium Series game between the Predators and the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Lightning all came dressed in the great North’s favorite formal wear.

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Hopefully, the Admirals find a way to add these new jerseys to their uniform collection.