This Connor McDavid goal is amongst the best of the year so far

Connor McDavid #97, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Connor McDavid #97, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /

The Edmonton Oilers are looking for a spark. Through their first two games of the season, they didn’t find a way to win so they came into Tuesday night looking for their first. Of course, they look to their captain Connor McDavid during times like this.

He came into the game with only one goal and two assists in the first two games. That is a lot for every player in the league but when the Oilers are 0-2-0 it feels a bit light for McDavid. Well, he scored a goal and had an assist in this game that became a 6-1 win for Edmonton over the Nashville Predators.

The goal that McDavid scored was a goal that put them up 4-0 and made it feel like their first win was finally in reach. It took longer than they thought but they got it done. Now, they can focus on continuing the good play and have an elite season.

McDavid’s assist came on a Leon Draisaitl power-play goal which was his second PPG of the game. Seeing him score and set up goals is what they need from him in bunches if they want to win.

Connor McDavid scored one of the nicest goals of his NHL career in Nashville.

The thing that is extra notable about this goal that McDavid scored is that it is one of the most spectacular plays he has ever made. As the puck entered the zone, McDavid was taken down a little bit in a spinning motion and he popped back up and took it down and scored.

Being able to spin-o-rama like that to get yourself possession and then beat the goalie like that is borderline impossible. The things that he can do are incredible. Just when you think he can’t impress you more, he finds a way.

Part of what makes this play so great is his motor. Yes, it’s fun to see him spinning into a skating motion with the puck on his stick because it is spectacular. However, it took an incredible amount of effort and concentration to score on a play like this.

A lot of players wouldn’t be able to get up that quickly, find the puck, or make a goal-scoring move. There are also a lot of players who might be looking for a call right there as well instead of playing until the end. McDavid did the right thing and he was rewarded.

Don’t think you are done being impressed by McDavid because you are not. He is going to keep finding ways to make your jaw drop. This was an outstanding play and a great game for the Oilers as they are finally winners this season.

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