10 must-see college players in the NCAA Hockey Tournament

The NCAA Tournament is incredible every year. These ten players will be must-see TV.
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College hockey is ready for its dramatic finish to the 2024 season. The NCAA Championship Tournament is set to begin. 16 teams have made it and are hoping to make it to the Frozen Four in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Four teams will make it there and have a legit chance of winning the National title plenty of teams are going in thinking that they have a legit shot to win the whole thing.

Last week, the conference championships took place, and that helped determine who would be participating in the tournament. The best squads are now ready to take the ice and get things underway.

A lot of good players are going to be participating in this event. Some of them have already been drafted to the NHL and some of them have not. These are the 10 prospects that you must watch in this tourney:

The two Boston University players are very impressive to watch

1. Macklin Celebrini

Boston University’s Macklin Celebrini is going to be the number one overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft. As a freshman, he was one of the nation’s leading scorers in terms of both goals and points. He has a legitimate chance to win the Hobey Baker.

Fans of NHL teams in the bottom five of the standings have to watch BU play in this thing just for Celebrini alone. The whole team is good but he’s on another level.

2. Lane Hutson

Celebrini’s teammate, Lane Hutson, is also incredible. He was already drafted by the Montreal Canadiens and he has become one of the NHL’s most impressive prospects to date. Whenever BU is done, you can expect Hutson to join the Habs wherever they are.

Being a young (and smaller) defenseman in the NHL is going to be very tough. With that said, you’ll see just how dangerous he can be when watching him play in this tournament.