3 must-watch Big Ten hockey matchups this weekend

The Big Ten is getting ready for a big weekend as there are three incredible matchups.
Faceoff on the Lake - Michigan v Ohio State
Faceoff on the Lake - Michigan v Ohio State / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages
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College hockey is one of the best things in the sports world right now and not enough people know how awesome it is.

Over the last few weeks, there have been some incredible matchups across the NCAA and it is only going to get better as the season goes along.

With the tournament coming later this year, all of these teams are putting their best foot forward trying to get in.

The Big Ten is no stranger to success in college hockey. They have produced a lot of very good teams over the last few seasons and 2023-24 is no different.

This upcoming slate is going to feature some really good matchups across the conference. These three games will be amongst the best in the sport over the weekend. All three of them should be considered must-see TV:

Michigan vs Ohio State

Michigan vs Ohio State is fun no matter what sport they are playing

Just like in football and basketball, Michigan vs Ohio State is one of the best rivalries in college hockey. It isn't on the national stage the way that it is in other sports but it should be.

These two schools do not like each other and bring their best every time they play. A February series between the two this year leads the Big Ten schedule this weekend.

They play each other on both Friday and Saturday nights. Ohio State will host both at Value City Arena in Columbus.

There is some potential NHL flavor in this matchup on the side of Michigan. Rutger McGroarty, Gavin Brindley, Seamus Casey, Ethan Edwards, and Frank Nazar are a few of the players who have a chance to play in the league one day. A lot of them were key contributors to the World Juniors as well.

This is the second series between the two this season. They played in Ann Arbor the first time around back in October. Michigan won the Friday game 7-1. One day later, Ohio State came back and won in a shootout.

Ohio State is the lowest-ranked team in the conference right now so Michigan is going to have to avoid being upset. Anything is possible this year as Michigan isn't as dynamic as they were over the last three years.