Ducks Rumors: Trevor Zegras may be on the move from Anaheim

Trevor Zegras may be on the move from Anaheim sooner than later.
Detroit Red Wings v Anaheim Ducks
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The Anaheim Ducks have been all over the news lately. They acquired Cutter Gauthier from the Philadelphia Flyers and it caused chaos. Philly fans were not happy when they learned that he was traded because he didn't want to play for them.

On the Ducks side of things though, they are getting a great young player that has superstar potential in the NHL. They gave up Jamie Drysdale to do so but you have to give good players to trade for good players.

Now, there are rumors out there from Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff that Drysdale's good friend Trevor Zegras could be next. He has been one of Anaheim's best players for the last handful of years so this would be a huge move for them.

He has also become one of the faces of the league because of his exciting style of play. He scores "the Michigan goal" regularly, flips pucks over the net for passes, and has incredible playmaking hands. The league is better for having him in it.

The Anaheim Ducks trading Trevor Zegras would be a blockbuster move

Zegras was even on the cover of an EA Sports NHL which is a great example of him being noticed by the mainstream media.

Moving on from Zegras would be a big decision for the Ducks. He has had some injuries this season but there is no doubt that he is a productive player.

The question remains, is he productive enough to match the hype? You'd think that he's an annual 100-point guy but he's not. His career high in points is 65 which came last year. So far this year, he has four goals and three assists for seven points in 19 games played. That is not good enough.

Could things change for him if he switched teams? Well, yes. They could also change for him if he stays. He has had two 60-point years already on a very bad team. As he gets older, he could get even better.

With Mason McTavish, Leo Carlsson, Cutter Gauthier, and Troy Terry in the mix, Zegras could be expendable because of their organizational forward depth. There is also another top-five pick (likely) coming in the spring.

Nothing is set in stone and this rumor has just begun but don't be surprised if it picks up steam over the next few weeks. Zegras is a good player and a lot of teams would like to have him. The Ducks could also get a very good return for him.

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