The PWHL has the perfect year-one championship matchup

The PWHL has the perfect year one championship matchup.
Minnesota v Boston
Minnesota v Boston / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

You can argue that the PWHL planted six teams in the six best North American hockey markets. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, and Minnesota are definitely in the team photo if they aren't the definitive top-six. Chicago, Winnipeg, and Michigan would like a word.

With that said, the playoffs for the inaugural season have been incredible. Now, we are finally at the championship round.

Year one has the perfect matchup in the finals. The two best American hockey markets will meet for all of the marbles. That would be Minnesota and Boston.

All you have to do is watch the movie "Miracle" to understand why these are the two most passionate hockey places in the great hockey country of the United States.

Boston will face Minnesota in the first ever PWHL championship series

Boston got there by beating Montreal in the semi-finals. Minnesota got there by beating Toronto in the same round. Now, these two amazing teams will face off for the whole thing.

Fans will be able to check out familiar names like Hilary Knight, Aerin Frankel, and Kendall Coyne Schofield amongst others. These women have been faces of the sport for a while and now they get to play on the same sheet of ice together with so much on the line.

It all gets going on Sunday, May 19th when Boston will host Minnesota. They will play the first two games in Boston while the third game will be played in Minnesota. If necessary, the fourth game will also be in the State of Hockey. If it goes the distance, game five will be back in Boston.

The first season of this PWHL has been an incredible success. The women who play in this league are elite and deserve to be recognized for their great play. The players in Boston and Minnesota need to be celebrated just for making it here but there is business to take care of.

This game will only continue to grow. Women's sports are amazing television and the PWHL does a great job showing off why. As mentioned before, a championship series involving the two best hockey markets in the United States of America will be great for everyone in the long term.