Where is Alex Ovechkin on the all-time goal record chase?

Alex Ovechkin is getting closer and closer to the all-time goals record.
Washington Capitals v Columbus Blue Jackets
Washington Capitals v Columbus Blue Jackets / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

On Saturday afternoon, the Washington Capitals took on the Dallas Stars. They were defeated in overtime 5-4 in what was a very good game

In the loss, Alexander Ovechkin scored a goal for Washington. He hasn’t been very potent this season as that was just his 9th of the year. Every goal he scored though is sacred and brings him closer to the all-time mark. 

That was his 831st career goal which is good for second all-time. He needs 63 more to tie Wayne Gretzky for the most ever and 64 to break the record. It is becoming of of the great debates in the hockey world. 

Will he break it or not? He is 38 years old and will be 39 before next season starts. It is a lot of goals for him to think about scoring. He would certainly have to pick up the pace just a little bit again. 

The Washington Capitals need Alexander Ovechkin to start scoring again

He’d have to play for a few more years to do this as his game is slowly declining. The days of him scoring 50-60 goals are done. He may have even had his last 40/30 goal season.

It seems to be a big deal to him so it wouldn’t be shocking to give breaking the record his all. Having good players around him would certainly go a long way. A goal scorer loves a good playmaker. 

What did Ovechkin do to even get to this point? Well, he has led the NHL in goals 9 times. His career high of 65 came during the 2007-2008 season.

A lot of his wizardry comes on the power play as he scored a ton of goals from “his office”. That is the top of the circle where he would slap one-timers on the net. They went in a lot. 

It has been a pleasure watching Ovechkin for all of these years. Now, he is chasing this incredible mark so he can be truly known as the all-time great goal scorer. 

He is hoping to have a stronger second half so he can set himself up for a run toward 894. They have some time off now with the All-Star Game coming up so he has to wait until Feb. 6th to play again. The Caps will play the Montreal Canadiens in that game. 

He is so close yet so far. This rest he’s about to get could be great for him. It was good to see him score in the last game before the break as he can feel good about his game coming back from the long time away.

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