NHL and KHL Transfer Agreement Could Happen Soon

There seems to be progress towards a NHL and KHL transfer agreement. The deal would allow players to switch back and forth between leagues for a fee. Currently the NHL and KHL have a simple understanding that a player’s contract would need to be voided before said player switched leagues. In the potential new deal there would be a fee paid to the league that a player leaves. It seems that rather than be on two different side of the ice the NHL and KHL are going to attempt an understating.

I for one don’t care about the KHL or players that choose to leave the NHL for Mother Russia. If a player wants to try his luck in a different league why should it matter?

Granted that is only if a player’s contract is up. In my mind if you sign the contract and have received even single pay check you honor your deal. Simply leaving the NHL for the KHL or the KHL for the NHL because you want more money or want to pitch a fit like a little baby is a joke.

It seems that the new deal being worked on would allow for compensation if a player leaves before his contract is up, but that is a bit unclear.

The difference is that a transfer agreement would create a system where there could be fees per player that switches leagues. Right now the memorandum of understanding only states that the two leagues have to respect each other’s contracts. [PHT]

As reported if the NHL and KHL are able to reach a new deal it would be the first time in four years that the NHL had a transfer agreement with Russia. I’m starting to think the NHL is attempting make nice with the KHL, but I have no idea why. It’s been shown that the NHL does not need KHL players, and as I have said before if a player wants to leave after his contract is up fine, but players that want to leave mid-contract should be stuck.

Some athletes are just big kids, who choose to take shifts off in an attempt to show their displeasure with a team. I don’t care if we are talking about Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin; if the player doesn’t play to their abilities bench them. Now, I know that will never happen, but come on now.

The potential NHL and KHL transfer agreement could be due to rumors that the KHL was struggling to pay players. If that is accurate this NHL and KHL transfer agreement would be one way to make sure the KHL has some revenue coming in. Either way I’m struggling to see why the NHL cares about a competing league.