NHL: The Best Player at Every Number, #51-60

Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Ronald C. Modra/NHL/Getty Images)
Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Ronald C. Modra/NHL/Getty Images) /
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Greatness in the NHL depends on who you talk to. Several fans have several opinions, and it is easy to make arguments for different players.

In terms of popularity, the positions most likely rank centers, goaltenders, wings, then defensemen. Defensemen have the second-hardest job in professional hockey but get the least recognition.

The history of hockey has had the best defensemen in the world, yet when it comes to the credit, they come last.

The job of a hockey defenseman is that of blocking shots, getting the puck to the forwards, clearing the front of the net, and so much more. There is a lot of skill and a lot of toughness in that position, one that often sees the players risk the most for a win.

Here are the best players in NHL history to wear numbers 51-60.

In this edition of the greatest players by jersey number, we look at the best to wear jersey numbers 51-60, including some of the game’s best defensemen, along with some very good forwards.

The defensemen on this list are capable of playing complete games. Not only do they concentrate on their own end, but the players listed also have the capabilities of breaking the game wide open with offensive production.

Some of these blueliners are not only good, two-way players but they are leaders in their respective teams as well, some even captains. The two forwards that are in the #51-60 grouping also have had big moments in their careers, playing some important roles in their team’s success as well.

The only goaltender in this grouping is one of the few goaltenders that caught right-handed and actually had success.

While we are at the halfway point of this series, we have seen many great players, but rest assured we have many more great players to see.

The pro hockey world is filled with great players that may be on this list in the future but for now, we dial in the greatness that these players are filled with. Enjoy the greatest players to wear #’s 51-60.